Case Study (Product Design & Management) - MismoTM Family Organizer App

The Simple Way to Get Your Whole Family on the Same Page

The Challenge

MismoTM was built from frustration. It was a way to get my wife and I on the same page. From play dates and recitals, to forgotten grocery lists and honey-do's, my wife and I found ourselves squabbling over the daily details, rather than spending quality time with our kids and each other. Through a little research, I found we were definitely not alone.

MismoTM is the premiere family organizer app. It was built to do what the top competitors in the space cannot and to scratch our own itch, so to speak. Our differentiation is focused on speed and efficiency, ease of use and reducing the barriers to entry. Basically, it focuses highly on the end user experience and not just "getting the job done."

We tried using shared Google calendars and notes on the refrigerator, but it was all a disjointed experience. We even tried other family organizer apps, but they fell short on many levels. We knew we could do better.

The Strategy

In progress. Will report back soon.

Initial wireframe and process iterations

Second round iteration UI designs

The design, layout and interaction design went through several iterations. This was an early version.

The Result

MismoTM is a work in progress. We are close to launching our MVP as a progressive web app for testing with a select group of users. We hope to work out some of the initial bugs and iterate while developing the native platform shells and accompanying website. I will be sure to update the progress as we move forward.

Brand Identity

Interaction design iterations

Marketing and messaging