Our Approach

Big Angry Pixel, LLC is a boutique digital media agency. We design engaging websites, dynamic visual presentations, targeted web marketing/promotional material and eye catching web video.

Big Angry Pixel is focused on telling our client’s stories through visual media on the web, video and print. Big Angry Pixel has evolved from a one-man operation specializing in web design and multimedia, into a team of talented professionals and exceptional partnerships to meet the growing demands of our clients. Passionate about design and interactive media, Big Angry Pixel has continuously exceeded client expectations by delivering smart, functional and engaging solutions — on time and on budget.


Our Mission

In the real world a pixel can neither be big or angry. Digital media provides us with a canvas to the imagination where anything is possible. At Big Angry Pixel we believe that anything is possible in the digital realm. The unreal is realized, the impossible, attainable. With this belief, our imaginations are allowed to run wild, limited only by our need for sleep, food and recreation.

We strive to produce smart, functional and engaging digital media, but we also want to create a useful tool for our clients to get their message across to their customers and clients. We won’t sell you something that you don’t need. Trust in business is more than a novel concept to us.

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